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Water Tank & Sump Cleaning Services

Water Tank Cleaning Services in Coimbatore

Water tank / Sump Cleaning Services in Coimbatore

Overhead Water storage tank and Sump are the structures which pool and store water for supply to the entire household. As they store water, in which a large variety of organisms thrive and boom, it becomes mandatory to clean these storages at frequent intervals.

Tank cleaning can reduce potential damage to your Water Pump, blockages of pipes, increase the life of your water filters, and where there are no filters, potential damage to your tap ware, and is the first stage in ensuring the purity of your drinking water supply.

We at KV House Keeping Services follow a step by step procedure to clean and sanitize the tanks and sump, ensuring safe and clean water is distributed to all places of the house.

The left over water in the tank or sump is first sucked out, the sediment settling down is removed, the inner area is thoroughly cleaned with relevant methods as required and the interior is air dried and sanitized.

It is recommended to have your water tank and sump cleaned annually to ensure safe water is distributed in all your taps.

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