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Villas Bungalow Cleaning Services

Villas / Bungalows Cleaning Services in Coimbatore


Living in a Villa or Bungalow is no less than living in heaven, still the only hitch here is cleaning and maintenance.

Be it before occupying or after vacating or before a festival or a celebration, anytime, anywhere our professional services will dust and sweep every nook and corner, de clutter and sanitize every square feet of your priced possession.

The dazzling sparkle and the sheer glamour of your Villa / Bungalow will be preserved with a new life under our Deep Cleaning services. All your amenities and Utilities are serviced and disinfected.

Just sit back, relax and enjoy your home taking a makeover, as we unleash our high quality, standard maintenance services with utmost care and diligence.

We at KV, Villas Housekeeping Company Contact Number : +91 6374726154

KV Housekeeping Services primarily includes: