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Swimming Pool Maintenance in Coimbatore

Swimming Pool Cleaning Services in Coimbatore

Swimming Pool Cleaning & Maintenance Services

Having a beautiful and ever ready Pool in your backyard is a comfort for refreshing oneself at any given time. But Swimming Pool Maintenance and Pool services of professional standards is mandatory to sustain the hygiene.

We, KV Housekeeping Services, Offer professional Swimming Pool Cleaning and Pool Maintenance Service in all seasons. Our Pool Services can provide you with regular and routine maintenance and cleaning at competitive rates.

Whether you need a weekly Pool Maintenance routine or a one-time Swimming Pool Cleaning and Maintenance service, our Pool professionals are available to meet your requirements. Our Pool professionals will make sure that your pool is in optimal condition, reducing the need for repairs and wear and tear of equipment.

Our best quality Pool Maintenance and Service includes

  • Removing Covers
  • Skimming of Pool Debris
  • Pool Cleaning
  • Checking and balancing Chemical levels
  • Ensuring Water Safety
  • Inspecting and Cleaning of Handrails, Drain covers, Pool Lifts, Perimeter fences, Other Essential facilities.
  • Checking Pumps and Pool Equipment

We ensure accurate and regular Swimming Pool Maintenance Service, which prolongs the quality and life of your Swimming Pool, matching the recommended health standards.

“A Swimming Pool Services is a great feature that adds to the comfort and ambience to your living space. But it is deemed as a high maintenance asset. Not anymore. We are at your service”

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KV Housekeeping cleaning service line can provide a complete range of professional cleaning services adapted to the needs of each client.