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High Rise Glass Cleaning Services

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KV Housekeeping Bouchure

KV Housekeeping cleaning service line can provide a complete range of professional cleaning services adapted to the needs of each client.

High Rise Glass Cleaning Services in Coimbatore

High Rise Glass & Windows Cleaning Services

Crystal clear and Sparkling glass windows allow the occupants of a building to enjoy more natural light and also have a high end aesthetic finish when viewed from the outside.

As they are exposed to various weather conditions, dust and pollution, they will need constant and frequent maintenance and cleaning on the outside.

Window cleaning in high rise structures is a preventative maintenance process to prevent them from deteriorating and to ensure that the building looks good from the outside and functions well for its occupants. That’s why high-rise window cleaning is so essential – as long as you have the right specialist support.

KV Housekeeping specialties:

  • Professional team with high end expertise and skill
  • Usage of a range of different types of equipment as well as a selection of different cleaning techniques.
  • Enabling access to surfaces for cleaning without creating a safety risk or damaging the building.
  • We offer our services at night and weekends so that business hours are not compromised.
  • Our cleaning services take into account the unique needs of the building as well as the customer’s preferences.
  • Removal of hard water spots and stains, dust and dirt, bird droppings etc...
  • The products we use do not leave streaks or soapy residue on the windows.
  • KV cleaning service for every building is unique as we take into consideration the shape or design of the building, associated obstacles on the property – like trees, car parks etc…, and the daily activity associated with the building and weather conditions.
  • We also offer interior window cleaning services for high rise buildings.
  • We offer cleaning services at customized frequencies, even though twice a year cleaning is recommended.